About Us

Like it or not, the way we know and do business is changing. Many companies don’t understand ‘digital’ and feel vulnerable. They see innovation as a ‘techie’ thing and typically get a website, post a blog and be on social media.

‘Digital’ and ‘New economy’ can seem a crowded, global play meant for big companies with big budgets. But really, it’s an incredible borderless opportunity for SME’s who are brave to re-imagine their business models. Business & Tech innovation go hand-in-hand to transform, grow, thrive and optimise business.

Over last 3 years, I have met businesses of all sizes – from FTSE100 Strategy directors to SME’s to owner managed businesses – and the need to keep up with the rapid pace of business change was universal.

The change, being driven by factors like political uncertainty, far-reaching technology innovation, and competition from a globalising marketplace is now non-linear.

This exponentially evolving Digital economy has started to affect classic ‘safe’ professions like lawyers, accountants, healthcare & business services, both in B2B and B2C.

The effect of Digital Disruption is forcing businesses towards increasing awareness from ‘What I don’t know that I don’t know’ to ‘What I know that I don’t know’.

Some of these companies are brave to ask for help in knowledge but also in creating actions to help them thrive, grow and compete like a Digital Native with early adopters of digital business models.

Appending a website is hardly adequate to compete in a rapidly paced and crowded marketplace.

In addition, start-up and scaleup companies need commercial strategies and execution capabilities to sustainably grow and thrive.

Business innovation has to accompany tech innovations.

Innovate2Grow is an answer to that need